Scott Webster, Realtor

Being a first time home buyer, Scott was incredibly knowledge during the entire process. He made sure to thoroughly research each property before showing it to us. He answered all questions on-site or found an answer soon after. He was very knowledgeable during the inspection process and with the procedures of mortgages and closing. I would highly recommend Scott to future home buyers. He answered emails within minutes and had a lot of useful experience to help guide us during the home buying process. He also knew how to present the potential of properties, even if they lacked features we wanted (e.g. advising us on how to add a fireplace). He also had the name of many different types of services (e.g. sprinkler, alarm, inspection, etc.) as we worked to complete our home purchase and move. - S.B.


Scott did a great job setting up home viewings for me and has always been responsive to email or phone requests. He answered all of my questions along the way and was very helpful in providing advice and information that helped me make an informed decision. I enjoyed Scott's upbeat personality and positive outlook and found his knowledge and expertise about the real estate market in this area to be excellent. Scott is very easy to work with and walked me through the process of purchasing a new home very effectively. I always felt like he had my best interests at heart. - G.R.


Scott is an amazing resource for anything involving real estate! He has a wealth of knowledge for recommending advice on local service people and he's our go-to guy whenever we need help. Most recently he referred us to a designer and a contractor who built us a new bathroom and we are so happy with the results! - L.P.


I used Scott to help me find a home in Wilton CT for my family. With a tight budget and needs for my family Scott helped navigate us towards the PERFECT old cape. With a warm and personal approach Scott created a relationship between us and the seller that sustained multiple other offers and resulted in everyone happy. Wonderful experience. - J.P.


We worked with Scott for buying our first home. We actually began looking at houses Fall 2012, but realized we were not yet ready to buy a home at the time. Scott was honest and professional the throughout the entire experience. Often offering us advice on the buying and negotiating process, and also promptly contacting the sellers to get our questions answered. When we finally found our home, it was over a year after we first met. The sellers were quite difficult to get prompt/clear response due to the numerous parties that all wanted to be in agreement for our particular sale. Scott kept his cool, and continued to push the sellers along, while keeping us calm, and we finally closed on the house. - A.P.


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